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Who can be Referred?

Any family with at least one child 0-5 years, located in or around Dartford, Gravesend or Swanley experiencing stress for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Loneliness
  • New to area
  • Isolation
  • Child with special needs
  • Depression
  • Postnatal depression
  • Self-esteem Issues
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Multiple birth or several pre-school children
  • Bereavement within the family


  • Lack of extended family
  • Language barrier
  • Domestic abuse
  • Ill Health – emotional or physical
  • Very young parents
  • Lone parent
  • Child’s behavioural problems
  • A need for parenting guidance
  • Role change adjustment

How are referrals made?

With the parents’ knowledge & permission, we accept referrals from any agency via telephone, email or the downloadable forms below. We also accept self-referrals.

Are you a professional wanting to refer a family?

If you are a health visitor, doctor, social worker or any other professional working with families and you feel someone would benefit from our service, you can make a referral on their behalf, with their consent.

Please phone us on 01322 225100 to discuss the family situation and if a referral is thought to be suitable a form can be downloaded as a PDF (print and fill in) or MS Word (Edit using MS Word) formats by clicking on one of the buttons below. If you have any questions about the process please call us or use our contact us page to send us a message.

What happens next?

  • We assess each referral to ensure the support required falls within Home-Start’s remit
  • We will visit the family to discuss their needs and tell them about Home-Start’s service
  • We will then identify a suitable volunteer whose skills and experience match the needs of the family
  • As soon as a suitable volunteer is available, the co-ordinator will personally introduce them to the family, accompanying them on their first visit. It may take time for a volunteer to become available and if a suitable match cannot be made then you will be informed
  • We will inform you when Home-Start support begins and ends and may ask you for feedback about the impact our service had on the family

Our Online Referral Form


With the exception of items marked in red, it is not necessary to complete every part but do try to fill as much as you are able

         Referral Form

    About The Main Carer

    All items marked in red are required to submit the form.

    Please enter the full family name

    Please enter the date you completed this form

    Main Carer's First Name

    Main Carer's Surname

    Please enter the Home's post code

    Please enter the Main Carer's email address

    Please enter the Main Carer's gender

    Is the Main Carer Disabled

    Is the main carer Resident in the family home

    Please enter your Ethnic Group

    Please enter the Main Carer's most commonly used Language

    Does the family group have twins, triplets, quadruplets or more

    Are any of the children Autistic

    Please enter the Main Carer's Status (hold down CTRL to chose more than one option)

    Referrer's Details and Medical Contacts

    Please enter the referrer's Full Name

    Chose which agency is making this referral

    Please enter the surgery practice telephone number

    Any Other Health Agencies Involved

    Partner's Details

    Children's Details

    Please enter the name of your youngest child

    Please enter the name of your next youngest child

    Please enter the date of birth of your child dd/mm/yy

    Please enter the date of birth of your child dd/mm/yy

    Please enter the name of your next youngest child

    Please enter the name of your next youngest child

    Please enter the date of birth of your child dd/mm/yy

    Please enter the date of birth of your child dd/mm/yy

    The Family's Needs and Circumstances

    Please indicate the Family's Needs, specifying a reason where possible
    (You may select more than one item)

    Please indicate the Family's Circumstances
    (you may select more than one item)

    Please read our privacy policy before submitting the details you have provided to us

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